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Time to get healthy.


I actually like a couple of these, and I can see some of you liking specific ones as well. 


hot diggity damn

this is a trick to make nerds work out….. these are not the abs you are looking for…..






"thats so gay"

*macklemore gasps in the distance*

*lady gaga clenches her chest in pain*

*hilary duff rounds a clothing display and approaches you, looking disappointed*

There really needs to be more tv shows set in high school that show that sometimes people like people vastly more attractive than themselves, and that this will probably not work out well for the poor ugly bastard

Feb 1

Obsessed with this song and girl as of late. Not the hugest fan of country music but she’s amazing.

My mother told me I’m much too young to fall in love, so I’m following her advice and just being a slut instead

- Lucas Cruikshank



 #this man writes pulitzer prize winning books people

#this man is currently talking to the president of the United States

#No he hasn’t actually won a pulitzer people still though

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Just a normal texting convo with the sister...

  • Her: Hey Babe :)
  • Me: You faggot what took you so long to reply?
  • Her: I was sleeping you slut
  • Me: Well you clearly don't love me enough to drag your fat ass out of bed you piece of elephant shit
  • Me: Ily bbg
  • Her: I'm sorry babe :( and I love you more
  • Me: I don't think that's possible. I love you more than I love small children

Today I learned that there are people that oppose the idea that HIV positive people should disclose to the person they are about to have sex with that they have HIV. Jesus, what a great mindset, “let’s risk (I don’t care how small the risk is, it’s still there) giving this guy a disease without his knowledge because I’m too nervous to tell him I’m HIV+”

Here’s an idea: If the risk is as minimal as you claim, why not tell that to the person you’re going to sleep with, so that they can make their own informed decision. And if the decision is to not do it with you, that’s their prerogative.

After all, if your friend has a tiger in a room you were about to go into, you’d want to know. No matter how tame the tiger is, it’s better to know beforehand so you’re not entering like “holy shit there’s a tiger what the fuck man?” Friends don’t let friends get attacked by tigers.

Also it’s 2am and will probably read this in the morning and be like “wtf sleep deprived me you’re a dumbass” but it makes sense now



girls with eyes :)

girls with no eyes )

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